Annual Events

Flesh Art Show, Body Art Ball, Love Your Mother Earth

The Flesh Art Show

This was the first show of its kind ever produced in New Orleans, in 2005 and it included three of the worlds leading body painters today, along with renowned New Orleans artist James Michaelopolous. The show was sold out, having a line that went around the block of the hottest venue in New Orleans, One Eyed Jacks. Producer Rosemary Kimble (Director of the Body Art Ball) feels the time is right to do the show again in New Orleans with the intention of making it an annual event.

The Flesh Art Show - New Orleans

Rosemary Kimble of EnRapturing Entertainment has been producing and directing costume exhibitions and variety shows since 1992. As a body artist herself, she has worked with Cirque Du Soleil, Ferrari, Marlboro, Playboy and many others. She is Director of The Body Art Ball held in Atlanta, GA which is the opening event to the US Body Painting Championships AKA Living Art America.

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Body Art Cabaret

The Body Art Cabaret is a period-themed cabaret variety show, featuring 20 of the worlds’ most talented body artists. Patrons at the Body Art Cabaret will enjoy performances by some of the most unique acts, including, pole dancers, belly dancers, burlesque dancers and aerialists—all of whom will also appear as living canvases transformed by talented body artists.

Body Art Cabaret

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Love Your Mother Earth

Love Your Mother Earth is a variety entertainment show dedicated to the honor of our planet and all of life that resides here. Eco-fashion, body art, performances and more, make up this unique and inspiring event, reminding us of our connection to our true mother and why she deserves our love and respect.

Love Your Mother Earth

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