In The News

CUPIDITY February 2002

Rosemary Kimble, proprietor Jon Spradlin and Ashley Bradley were among those who made the Red Room the place for a Valentine's Day fashion show. (The venue was in a romantic mood since it's been named 'one of the top ten places to pop the question' by USA today.)


Some 300 people flocked into Loa at International House for Rosemary Kimble's first solo fashion art show/Twelfth Night party where fairy wings were de rigueur. Seen: Blaine Kern, Ricky Lemann, Patti LeBlanc, Alexa Georges, Sean Cummings.

"Hey Rosemary! Just wanted you to know that the masks were a hit. Apparently you are New Orleans famous because several people in the parade asked us if Rosemary had made the masks. Thanks again,and I will be in touch for next year."

-Mary Evelyn-