About Rosemary

Mask Maker, Costume Artist, Body Painter, and Henna Artist.

About Rosemary

Rosemary Kimble has a knack for discovering outstanding talent and a keen eye for artistic event design and marketing. She has been producing unique events throughout the US for almost 25 years.

Established in 1996, her company EnRapturing Entertainment quickly built a reputation for producing events known for their deliberate, well calculated beauty and creativity, down to the most minute detail. EnRapturing Entertainment specializes in body artistry and offers all types of entertainment for public, private and corporate events, always using the highest quality entertainers available.

Rosemary’s eye for talent as an artist and acumen as a business woman combined to build an impressive first tier client list that includes Cirque Du Soleil, Ferrari, and Camel Cigarettes just to name a few.

EnRapturing Entertainment has set a new standard for producing the most unique events in the industry by reflecting the exacting standards of Proprietress Rosemary Kimble. Rosemary brings her personal passion and respect for culture and the arts to every EnRapturing Entertainment event making each unique in nature and with an inventive element of allure and excitement rarely seen in other productions.

The Body Art Cabaret is one of two signature events sanctioned by Living Art America that were created from the ground up by Rosemary. In addition to the Body Art Cabaret held annually in Atlanta, Rosemary is the Producer & Director of The Flesh Art Show, which has quickly become one of the most anticipated events in New Orleans, Louisiana.

Rosemary is a seasoned costume artist and body painter herself, with one of the longest standing careers as a henna artist in the US. Her work has been published on the covers of Where Magazine (2004) and Creative Loafing (1996), as well as in Jezebel, Southern Woman and Women’s Wear Daily.

A once renowned Mardi Gras Costume Artist, Rosemary suddenly changed her creative process when she discovered that the ostrich feathers she loved so much were being inhumanely acquired from the animals. Rosemary became one of the pioneers in using only cruelty-free feathers in her work. Far from suffering, Rosemary’s reputation and business have only flourished since taking a principled stand about the source of feathers in her art. Rosemary creates all of the headdresses worn by the performers in all her events—including the Cabaret. She now uses only naturally molted feathers collected through her project, the Feather Drop.