Henna Tattoos Care

How to care for your new artwork.

Henna by Rosemary

  • We use an all natural and safe henna product which is imported from Morocco. It develops into a rust red to brown color within 48 hours. Avoid the black henna, as it is known to cause chemical burns.

  • Henna works the best on areas closest to the hands and feet because the skin is thinner and warmer here. (Ex: hands, wrists, inner arms, feet and ankles.) On some people it works well on areas other than these but not on everyone, depending on your PH balance. On rare occasions it may not work at all.

  • Your design can last between ONE and FOUR WEEKS depending on your body chemistry and on how well you take care of it.

  • Henna works best if you do not get it wet for the first 12 hours (till tomorrow). Before washing, rub the design with olive oil to help remove the past. Putting olive oil on the design before and after bathing will help it to last. It is best to avoid scrubbing the area when you bathe.

  • After the henna paste is applied, allow the design to dry for 10-15 minutes without touching it.

  • Apply lemon sugar solution by squeezing the cotton ball and dabbing onto the dry paste trying to keep the paste intact. Be sure to wait until it's dry and don't rub it with the cotton ball. This liquid helps the paste to stick longer and the tattoo to get darker.

  • Once the paste has dried, the artist or yourself, will need to apply the lemon-sugar solution (provided by the artist) by lightly squeezing and dabbing it onto the design. This helps to set the dye and keeps the paste more intact over the next several hours.

  • The paste will flake off on its own between now and tomorrow. It will work the best if you do not pick it off.

  • You can also hold your design in the sun or under a bathroom hand dryer or hairdryer (today) in order to help it to darken.

  • Unless you are allergic to eucalyptus or citrus, you will have no problem with henna.

  • Henna is believed to bring good fortune, promote well being and to insure a lasting marriage.

  • Available for private events, parties and weddings.

  • Contact Rosemary at 404-316-9141.